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Perrott Painting specialises and provides expert service in the repainting of commercial, industrial and residential properties.

We excel in providing accurate solutions for the repainting of any type of property. We will never subcontract your project to a smaller team or business unlike most of our competitors and we have carried out in excess of 8000 repainting projects. 

The areas where we have carried out most of our work is as follows;

Strata Properties

We are well recognised as the market leader in the repainting of strata properties in the extended metropolitan area. We have completed in excess of 4000 strata projects over the years, and are the company many Strata Managers recommend due to our high quality of work and efficiency.

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Commercial Properties

After completing hundreds of commercial property repaints, it is the satisfaction of multiple stakeholders connected to each project, which sets us apart from our competitors. We complete all projects with a level of care, planning and in a timely manner. Beyond this, we can tackle any environment as our project managers and tradespeople are proficient in high-rise works.

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Retirement Village Living

Our reputation for providing quality is well recognised within this market. Our communication skills and systems are designed to ensure all parties involved are completely satisfied. We do not subcontract our projects and always provide a high-quality standard of work.

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Aged Care Centres

Some of our longest standing clients are aged care centres. We understand the parameters of working in aged care facilities and we provide high quality standards. To ensure the job is completed with the least disturbance, we will only use our tradespeople who are familiar with working in an aged care facility.

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Education Facilities

Perrott Painting has years of experience repainting schools and universities around Western Australia. We have spent time building relationships with suppliers to ensure each job is cost efficient and timely. We dedicate a project manager to monitor the progress of the job and communicate with the client regularly.

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We have completed the internal and external rejuvenation of many beautiful churches, including heritage style projects. Time frames were especially important in this environment, and we have always delivered as promised. Our tradespeople are always considerate when working with churches, and our clients have been very appreciative of the communication provided.

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We have painted many different types of hotels over the years, and are mindful of our responsibilities to guests. We complete each project with grace and do not cause disturbance or deter guests from their stay. We provide a level of communication to your management and maintenance personnel, which aligns with the job schedule agreed upon.

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Sporting Arenas

When the WACA wanted to get the steel light towers painted, they engaged Perrott Painting’s service. We gathered a team and used the services of our rope access supplier to further enhance the speed and cost effectiveness of the project. We have completed significant other stadium works.

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We have repainted both the internals and externals of complete hospitals, whilst they remain fully operational. We understand the dynamics of working in these environments, that’s why we have project managers, which will always be available and attentive to any on-the-go changes you may require.

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Public Infrastructure

The Leederville and Glendalough train stations were significant repainting projects, which were completed by Perrott Painting in 2012 through a public tender. These specialised projects often require specific site training and certification, which all project staff undergo before the commencement of a project. Beyond this, public infrastructure sometimes requires night shift work to complete the job, which is all part of our service.

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Perrott painting is a preferred supplier to numerous local government councils. Our range of company owned access machinery provides effective cost savings, which can benefit many council buildings. Our project management service and clear lines of communication have been described as ‘a breath of fresh air’ within the industry.

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We have been recommended as the “perfect choice for the residential market” by homeowners around Perth. We take great care in creating the desired finish our client is after, and respect the property and neighbours throughout the process. We communicate with you throughout the job, to ensure you are completely satisfied.

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Difficult Access Projects

We look at and develop access and coating solutions for interesting jobs every day. We enjoy the challenges of providing solutions for difficult works. We have wonderful experience and there are not many situations we have not successfully dealt with in the past.

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