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The beginning

The Perrott family have been painting in Western Australia since 1917. Initially DC Perrott, an Irishman from Cork, commenced the business from his North Perth home.

DC PerrottDC Perrott

After 40 years of trading he sold the business to his eldest son Tom, in 1957. The business became DC Perrott and Son and went on to become the Gardner Perrott Group.

In 1988, the business was sold to Brambles at which time the major focus was on industrial services; including painting, waste removal and coating applications. Through all this time there was a strong focus on the delivery of architectural painting services to the industries we support today and certainly an outstanding reputation that has helped us to grow as a business.

Leading the industry

In 1994 Perrott Painting as you see it today was established under the ownership of Tom Perrott (Junior). Over the 20 years since it has become, once more, the industry leader in the repainting market.

The business is highly recognised by our suppliers, clients, and staff as the leading painting business in Perth. Our focus on operating a business that will last a long time has ensured we develop a wonderful reputation.

We are recognised as excellent corporate citizens and support many local charities, industry groups and not for profit organisations.

We have developed internally some leaders and wonderful people who provide Perrott Painting a culture that we hope will lead us well into the future.

The future of Perrott Painting

Our aim today and for our future is to provide our clients with “Best Value”.

“Best Value” is not necessarily represented by best price. A cheap price will often reflect a project receiving poor quality labour, unacceptable supervision, and insufficient paint. Overall a result no building owner desires. It potentially creates longer-term issues without even being enjoyable in the short term. This type of situation provides “little or no value” to a client or any of its stakeholders. Perrott Painting will not provide this type of service.

Perrott Head OfficePerrott Head Office

Our challenge is to educate you our clients to understand the benefits and potentially slightly higher cost that needs to be incurred to achieve “Best Value”.

“Best Value” is a job that meets all expectations on the following fronts:- preparation, longevity, a quality visible finish, uses the most suitable premium grade products, and is completed in an appropriate time frame.

That is why when you look at projects completed by Perrott Painting over the past 20 years you will see quality and longevity.