The Perrott Difference

 Benefits of Perrott Painting

  • Our goal is to work with you to exceed you and your stakeholders’ expectations on the quality and overall look of the project
  • Under no circumstances is your project on-sold to a small painting company (often referred to as “using sub-contractors”)
  • As a locally owned and managed business, with 100% local staff and services, you benefit from investing in the community
  • Dedicated quality control managers monitor your project throughout the lifecycle of the project
  • We own our own specialised equipment, including elevated work platforms and scaffolding
  • Your project will be completed with minimum disruption
  • We are highly experienced working in sensitive and high traffic environments
  • You are comprehensively covered by all insurances
  • We enforce strict guidelines to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for our workforce
  • We use only premium grade coatings and materials
  • Having completed more than 6000 projects in the past ten years alone, we have built an outstanding reputation. Our operatives are experienced in delivering top quality results
  • Upon request, we are happy to provide references for previous projects

Getting The Quote Right

Perrott Painting assesses each project individually in order to tailor the correct scope of works and the most appropriate products for your needs.  Our approach to assessing your project is unique to Perrott Painting and our proven track record constantly validates that we have the most accurate approach.

Our Estimators are professional painters who understand the painting industry, and what is necessary to achieve a desired result.

Our Estimators also understand the “Values” which govern Perrott Painting, and will only provide solutions that will work for our clients’ benefits. Our quotes clearly outline what areas are included and excluded.

Our up-to-date knowledge and close working relationship with our various material providers ensure our clients are provided with the best products available. Understanding the requirements for right products ensures we can allocate the correct time required to prepare and apply the coatings.

At all times, our desire is to provide “Best Value” to our clients.

The Danger with Subcontractors

Unfortunately, subcontracting of painting works occurs often in our industry. Perrott Painting will never engage subcontractors.

We will not provide a quotation where the job is to be “on sold” to another painting contractor with less interest in our clients well-being than ourselves.

Whenever we complete a large tender, the first question on the tender document is, “will you be using subcontractors?” No client knowingly wants to have their works subcontracted out.

We don’t need to explain the negative aspects of a project being subcontracted. If for any reason you are unsure as to why this is a negative aspect, please contact our office for further information.

Project Management

Dependent on scale, each of our projects will have either a Leading Hand, Site Foreman, or Site Supervisor on site throughout the lifecycle of the project.

This ensures all our clients have constant contact with the onsite supervisors in charge of their project.

Effective Project Management and Supervision is included in each quote and forms another part of our “Best Value” offering.

All of our site leaders will be overseen and managed by our Project Management team. This ensures all projects are clearly communicated (between Perrott and client) and have access to the collective wealth of knowledge possessed by the entire Perrott Painting team.

Our team are determined to deliver on our promises. There is no additional charge for our effort: it’s just what we do.