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Service and Maintenance Options

Choosing to paint a whole premise requires a budget that sometimes may seem unattainable. At Perrott Painting we understand these complications and provide service and maintenance incorporating evenly spread payment option for those who are in this position. This payment option is very popular with organisations that need to maintain cash flow, and therefore cannot invest with a lump sum payment.

Graphic showing work vs investment over a five year plan

The program can be completely tailored to your specifications, including the number of years the plan runs for and the amount of your first year investment. Our traditional 5 x year painting and paint maintenance proposal includes for a complete repaint of the complete Scope of Work in the nominated year.

We will then provide full maintenance painting on an annual basis, to ensure that the paintwork remains maintained and in sound condition for the period of the Plan. The process, which we at Perrott Painting follow to ensure that all areas of the building are maintained, is to meet with the representative for the property prior to the annual maintenance service.

We can offer effective solutions from 2-12 years in duration. A scope of work is then provided in consultation with the nominated property representative detailing the proposed areas to be maintained and agreed upon. We have found this policy to be a welcoming one for our clients, which ensures continual satisfaction throughout the plan. For further information on our payment options, please contact us.