32 Camboon Road

The painting to the exterior of the residential strata complex 32 Camboon Road was in desperate need of attention from Perrott Painting too soon after the previous painting job.The majority of the walls were badly peeling due to lack of preparation by the previous contractor.

Perrott Painting undertook a high-pressure water wash to remove all loose and flaking paint and, although a little messy and disruptive to residents and owners at the time, the end result was well worth the effort. Once the walls were sufficiently cleaned and properly prepared, a coat of sealer was applied to the bare walls before two coats of a premium grade exterior acrylic was applied.

The coordination with the residents was also a crucial factor to ensure all aspects of the project were undertaken to the best possible standard.

The complex has been transformed and its appearance should keep the owners and residents satisfied for many years to come.

“Just had to let you know what a fantastic team the Perrot team were and what a “beyond expectations” job they have done. The team were polite, informative at each given stage and went about their work quietly and efficiently…….please thank and commend them personally from Unit 11, I am thrilled with the results”

. Noonan – Resident