Gateway Apartments, Joondalup

Gateway Apartments in Joondalup is home to a mixture of over 100 residential apartments and commercial offices.  Coordinating and managing a job of this size with multiple stakeholders to consider is always a challenge.  We needed to ensure the project ran smoothly and without disruption to the residents or to the day-to-day running of the commercial businesses.  The fact that we employ our own painter tradesmen and use of our own access equipment provided our client with the confidence of knowing we had it all under control!

The buildings were in desperate need of a repaint.  The exterior walls, eaves, the stairwells, unit doors and even the walkway floors were all included in the scope of work.  The existing coatings were very worn, faded and, in some places, damaged but once our tradesmen got going, that was all a thing of the past!

The owners took advantage of our complimentary Colour Consultant service and were presented with 3 different colour schemes to consider.  Once the colours were agreed upon, we proceeded to coat the exterior rendered surfaces with an elastomeric membrane which will provide greater surface protection to the buildings than a standard acrylic paint.

The finished product is amazing and all stakeholders are very happy and the coating system will ensure the buildings will look as good as they do now for many years to come.

“Perrott Painting came to the rescue of a tired and weather-beaten property with paint treatments to walls, stairwells, walkways and doors.  The colour selection chosen by owners, together with the workmanship of Perrott staff has given the complex a facelift that is surely the envy of its neighbours.  Perrott Painting was required to work around over 100 mixed use lots with minimal interruption to normal services.  Many owners and residents have come forward with positive feedback of the work executed and the manner in which it was carried out”

Jocelyn Shanks, Senior Strata Manager, Competent Strata


Competent Strata


Molloy Promenade (2 & 6 Walsh Loop), Joondalup


Exterior Repaint with Access Issues