Manning Estate

Perrott Painting commenced a 5 Year Painting Programme with the owners of Manning Estate in mid-2015. The property occupies a significant portion of the Fremantle Mall area in the centre of town. The building commences at the Town Hall and runs down the Main City Mall around to Market Street and concludes on the Cappuccino Strip at the corner of South Terrace.

After undertaking painting of various sample schemes for selection by the owners of window and wall colour, the colour scheme was finalised and the works progressed without incident over an agreed timeframe. All the necessary permits from Council were obtained and we worked closely with our client, Fremantle Property Services, to ensure all ran smoothly. We were always mindful of the high traffic and always ensured public safety with all aspects of the project.

Owner, property manager and tenants were totally happy with the end result and we look forward to returning annually to maintain the building to a high standard year after year.


“The painting of Manning Estate in Fremantle required a number of boxes to be ticked before we even started including selection of colour scheme. Nothing was too hard for Perrott Painting with a thoroughly professional approach to ensure all aspects of the initial repaint as the start of a five year programme ran smoothly. The painters on the project were very obliging for us, the tenants and the public to deal with and made what could have been a hard task so much easier.

They had their own access equipment able to gain access to all the difficult areas of the building and ensure a systematic and methodical job from start to finish. Not an easy task when working in a high vehicle and pedestrian traffic area.

The building occupies a significant part of Fremantle and needed a facelift. The final result is great thanks to Perrott Painting.”

Gerry Lovegrove, Fremantle Property Services



Revitalised and refreshed
Cherry picker access was required on this job and so was all the necessary safety requirements