Wesfarmers Building

Scope of the project was to apply a specialised coating system to the exterior metal panelling over the entire building. We had to carry out a very thorough cleaning system prior to painting the building. There were in excess of 50 separate Scaffold movements to complete the project.

The coating system is one we have used on a number of buildings. The upgrade to the  IBM building carried out by us in 2007 was also completed using this specialised system. The quality of the paintwork after nearly  7  years has given us a very good reference point and confidence in describing to this client the benefits of this specification.

The works were completed with minimal inconvenience to the tenants of the building through excellent communication between our staff and the high-quality CBRE management team on site.

“Separate references are available from the Building Manager and the Building Owners. We can provide more details on the success of this project to future clients.”




The Esplanade Perth


Wesfarmers Building