Perrott Painting recognises that the service we provide and the products we use can be harmful to our natural environment.  We have a strict environmental policy which all of our painters are inducted on and our job sites are regularly audited to ensure policy compliance.  Perrott Painting acknowledge we have a moral and legal responsibility to ensure that our activities, products and services do not place the natural environment or the local community at risk of damage or harm.


Perrott Painting is the owner of the Envirowash ES160P and ES800 systems.  These systems have been developed by leading paint manufacturer, Dulux, who are committed to providing a range of responsible solutions when it comes to paint clean-up.  Both of these systems provide our painters with mobile wash up areas to ensure clean-up is done in a way that is safe for the environment.

This system and it’s range of products supports Perrott Painting in meeting our environmental responsibilities by assisting our painters to:

  • Minimise water usage
  • Clean up without turps
  • Control paint waste and paint wash water disposal

Read more about the Envirowash system here


Paintback provides locations for trade painters to dispose of unwanted paint and packaging at Paintback sites which is organised through participating local councils.  Perrott Painting participates in the funding of this program by paying a levy on all eligible paint products we purchase through our paint suppliers.

Read more about the Paintback program here

Low VOC Paints

Experience has shown us that Low VOC (Volatile Organic Chemicals) paints are a popular choice, but especially in the industries of Healthcare, Aged Care and Retirement Living.  Recognised mainly for their low odour and lower toxicity, they are safer to be around due to the minimal impact on air quality making them the preferred coating option for areas which are occupied by the ill and/or elderly.

Low-VOC paints are also a great choice when we consider the impact of paint products on our environment.  They help to reduce the concentration of contaminants in the ozone layer, as well as groundwater and landfills.

Perrott Painting prefer to use the Wattyl ID Advanced range of paints when Low VOC is required.  This range of coatings is GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) and APAS (Australian Paint Approval Scheme) approved and further information on the certification of these products can be found here: